Holcim cements

We manufacture and market the Holcim range of cements comprising Holcim Sanstha and Ready Flow which are specially manufactured to meet requirements in different applications.

These different types of cement, ideally suitable for their specific applications are detailed separately below. All the cements meet internationally-accepted standards and are manufactured at our plants which are certified for ISO 9001 quality management system.

Holcim Sanstha : the all-purpose cement ideal for concrete

Holcim Sanstha is a portland limestone cement manufactured in compliance with Sri Lankan Standard SLS 1253:2008 and British Standard CEM II/A-LL42.5N of BS EN 197-1:2000.

Attributes & Benefits The benefit of this cement in structural work is that It imparts properties which make concrete highly workable. Such improvements in workability make fresh concrete easy to compact and finish while reducing bleeding and honeycombs. The long-term strength of concrete also increases with the reduction of the honeycomb effect.

Packing: Holcim Sanstha is available in 50kg bags.

Recommended applications: Structural elements in normal concrete such as foundations columns, beams & slabs where workability and 28 day strength are the key parameters.
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Holcim Ready Flow HB & LB

Holcim Ready Flow is an ordinary portland cement manufactured in compliance with Sri Lankan Standard SLS 107:2008 and British Standard CEM I 42.5N of BS EN 197-1:2000

Delivery: Holcim Ready Flow is available in bulk form

Recommended applications: Ready mix & Structural concrete that requires high early/ late strength and quicker setting time.
Infrastructure projects requiring high early/ late strength and durability.

Holcim Extra- For durable concrete in aggressive environments


Holcim Extra is a Portland Pozzolana Cement manufactured under Sri Lankan Standard SLS 1247:2008.

Delivery:  Holcim Extra is available in bulk form

Recommended applications:

Holcim Extra is specially designed for concrete structures which require longer life and for concrete exposed to severe conditions. It is suitable for concrete placed in chemically aggressive environments where sulphates, chlorides and acids are present.

Holcim Extra is recommended for:
Concrete structures exposed to sea water {harbor, jetty, bridge, building, etc)
Concrete structures in sewerage projects (treatment plants, sewer lines, etc) Concrete in contact with water (water supply projects, irrigation
structures, canal system, etc)
Concrete in contact with sulphate rich soil
Concrete in contact with acids  (industrial installations)


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